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“Turning This Generation Around To Christ"


Why Christian Education?

There are many factors that were birthed by the removal of God from the classroom. Madalyn Murray O’Hair of Baltimore, Maryland, began the process by challenging the school system in an infamous court case (Murray v Curlett 1963). This court case was heard in conjunction with other lawsuits by the Supreme Court that ruled prayer and Bible reading in public schools to be unconstitutional. That ruling along with the embracing of Evolution as the only taught theory of man’s origins came the unraveling of America’s moral fiber. When children are taught beginning at an early age that God did not create the World thus rendering the Bible a myth the basis of all morality crumbled. On its heels came a sharp increase in teen age birth rates, drug usage, and rebellion against all authority. In addition standardized test scores plummeted as well as school room discipline. Today American students rank 17th in education out of 40 industrialized nations.

It is time to “turn this generation around to Christ” in Somerset County and reintroduce students to education taught from a Christian Worldview. Christian school students nation wide achieve higher scores on standardized testing and do better on average in college than their public school counterparts. If the generation following the Supreme Court decisions result in the chaos that we see today then it is time to “turn this generation to Christ” for a positive impact on our community. Our task is daunting, but it can be achieved through effective, quality, and affordable Christian Education. To this goal Living Hope Christian School is formed.



At present there are only two accredited schools in Somerset County. One is Holly Grove and the other is the Pre-Kindergarten program at Carter G. Woodson Elementary. These fine schools did not achieve accreditation overnight in fact it has taken several years for them to match the criteria needed to reach this goal. We applaud them for their hard work and perseverance. Our overall goal is to achieve accreditation from a reputable Christian School Association. We have made the first step on this journey by applying and received membership status with ACTS (Association of Christian Teachers and Schools). Our goal is to achieve accreditation status with them by
Spring of 2024.



The maximum that everything rises and falls upon leadership is true in education as it is in any other area. LHCS is being headed by M. LeBron and Staci M. Palmer both who have a proven record in Christian Education.

Staci M. Palmer graduated from Crisfield Christian Academy in 1998 and later graduated Nursing School as a LPN and for many years served as an office nurse and a scrub nurse. She holds a B.S. in Christian Counseling and a Masters of Ministry degree in Religious Education through West Coast Bible College.

M. LeBron Palmer, has 15 years of experience in Christian School Education with 9 of those years in Administration. He also has a total of 32 years of Church Administration inclusive of his 15 years in Christian School Administration. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Ministry Leadership through the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and is presently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry with West Coast Bible College. They together have a burden to see an affordable, quality, Christian Education opportunity for the residents of Somerset County.


LHMES Future Plans

As shown in the picture the design is to add more classrooms, a Multi Ministries Building to allow multi-use space for: a Fellowship Hall, Youth Ministry and Christian School Ministry activities in the initial phase.

Phase Two will increase space for all Ministries, plus add room for a full sized gym. Future plans show a soccer field, playground and new sanctuary (400 people). This project has a goal of completion in 10 years.


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Admission Inquiry Form

LHMES believes that every family who desires a quality Christian Education should be able to afford it.  Living Hope Christian School is a full service school for grades K3 - 12th. LHCS is presently taking applications for the upcoming school year.

If you are interested in more information about the enrollment process for LHCS please fill out this inquiry form and someone will contact you within 24 business hours.  We look forward to meeting you!!​